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Grazas ao Sr Li de Changsha Xiangzhi centrifuge instrument Co., Ltd. e a todos os enxeñeiros por reparar a nosa centrífuga crioxénica durante a noite antes do festival.

Tempo: 2022-01-24 Golpea : 77

"Thank you to Mr. Li of Changsha Xiangzhi centrifuge instrument Co., Ltd. and all the engineers for repairing our cryogenic centrifuge overnight before the festival. This is really a first-class after-sales service." This is a comment made by a customer of Xiangzhi centrifuge on wechat circle of friends.

June 25 is the traditional festival of our country -- the Dragon Boat Festival. Before the festival, the company has arranged various work tasks and prepared to take a vacation, so that all employees can have a peaceful Festival. Then, on the evening of June 24, preparing for the holiday, we received the after-sales service request from our old customers, and a cryogenic centrifuge failed. In order not to delay the customer's time and maintain the normal working order, the engineers of Xiangzhi centrifuge resolutely went forward and rushed to solve the problem for customers overnight. After more than two hours of treatment, they finally solved the problem. So the above comments appeared.

"Although it's the Dragon Boat Festival, but we work on holiday and try our best to solve the problem for our customers." In charge of after-sales service, Mr. Li said, "we will adhere to the best service, so that customers can buy at ease and use it comfortably."

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